Dunfermline Comic Con cancellation.

Alby, Lou & Sinéad have been humbled by the outpouring of support we have received from volunteers, ticket holders, vendors, guests, the comic community and more. We have a lot to sort out over the next couple of days and would ask that you give us until Monday before we can properly address the refund situation.

At 11:30 Thursday morning Pittencrieff Park was assessed and deemed as unsafe for the public. Furthermore with the priorities for roads and paths elsewhere even a dramatic change in the weather would not allow for it to be made safe in time. The Park and marquee teams worked past the point of safety attempting to make the event happen but the safety of them and everyone planning to attend had to take precedence.

If you have purchased a ticket and left us your email address, you will have already received a personal message from us.
I realise that some of you will have planned and paid for tickets for this weekend and we apologise. Rest assured we will make sure you are refunded for the tickets. This will not be immediate as we will have to find the money personally. The ticket monies were used for the costs so far (deposits, flights, advertising, programmes etc.) and the Books For Schools Charity.

To say we are devastated emotionally and financially would not be an overstatement. A large number of people had indicated that they were going to go ahead and start funding campaigns to support Little Shop Of Heroes, Dunfermline Comic Con and the Books For Schools charity, so we thought it best to embrace the good intent and establish one central fund. Thank you to Thomas Moffat of Visit Dunfermline for setting it up.

If you DON'T want a refund please email comiccon@littleshopofheroes.co.uk with your name, the email address you used to purchase the ticket, and NO REFUND in the subject line. This will help us to prioritise those people who quite justifiably would like the ticket/table money returned.

To all the people who have donated to the gofundme, thank you. To all the ticket holders and vendors who have messaged us to say they don't want a refund, thank you. To everyone setting up online auctions and collections for us, thank you. And to everyone who has simply messaged us to wish us well, thank you all.
The comments over the last few days have kept us going as we try to sort out this situation. Please bear with us, we promise to get back to every comment, message, and email as soon as we can. Your love and support has never and will never be taken for granted.

There has been much crying!

Little Shop Of Heroes

Dunfermline Comic Con GoFundMe